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Founder introduction
   Fang Maoyu, born in 1964, graduated from PLA (People’s Liberation Army) college of Engineering Electronics, majoring in radar countermeasures system. He further studied a master degree in the college with a major in communication and electrotonic system, specializing in power synthesis research direction. After graduation, he was employed by the college, taking a position of a lecturer and research staff till December, 1999 when Mr Fang left the army. From 2000-2001, Mr. Fang was engaged in civil micro-controller product development.
   Founded in 2001, Hefei Angelon Intelligent Control Institution managed to design a variety of electronic products. Since July 2001, the institution R&D team, led by Mr. Fang, had developed and sold control systems for rice sorting machines for several years.In 2010, the Institution further developed advanced CCD color sorting machines, and started production and sales for full color CCD sorting machines.
   Mr. Fang Maoyu has been working in hardware circuit design for nearly 30 years. Being very experienced in electronic product development, he is good at analog circuit, weak signal amplification, RF transceiver system design. He is currently focusing on high-speed image processing, specializing in applications of machine vision, for instance, color sorters, robots, etc.
Company profile
   Hefei Angelon Electronics Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise, which specializes in r&d, production, sales for CCD color sorters. The company is located in Hi-tech Zone, Hefei City, with completely-owned modern production workshop and a large number of world-class advanced production lines. Hefei Angelon Electronics Company, founded in 2001, has been engaged in developing and production of color sorting machines for more than a decade. The company is equipped with a strong r&d team of the leaders in image acquisition technology, which guarantees the application of the most advanced image-acquisition technology in color sorting industry. The company independently developed own brand “Angelon color sorter”, which not only becomes a leading brand in domestic market, but also beats many foreign brands for some applications on global arena. Angelon has great advantages in certain applications, for instance, plastics, green mung beans, red beans, sparkled kidney beans, red kidney beans, white kidney beans, black kidney beans, yellow beans, soy beans, green beans, coffee beans, raisins, seeds, Chinese herbs, dried prawn and shrimps, tuna fishes, and so on. Currently, Angelon does not manufacture rice color sorters.     Hefei Angelon electronics Co., Ltd is committed to technology innovation and after-sale services, as we consider providing the first-class products and service as the key to the success of business. At present Angelon products take the largest market share in many sorting applications in China. Besides, Angelon color sorters are also exported to southeast Asia, India, Russia and the United States, Brazil, Australia and so on.
Introduction to workshop
  Our company always adheres to business philosophy "quality first, service first" , and take  "quality determines development, brand creates value" as the core, thus building a world-class Angelon color sorters and reaching our ultimate goal of satisfying end-users. Our company is equipped with advanced imported SMT equipments and processing lines for the manufacturing of color sorters satisfying our clients. Angelon color sorters, with advantageous technology and guaranteed quality.

Angelon’s Three Technology Innovations  Real-display image traditionally, color sorting machines have adopted white-black operation interface for many years. The waveform on touch screen reflects the signals from optical sensors. Angelon developed the first CCD full color sorting machines with an operating PC. The new computer operating system make users able to see real-display image from every single camera, thus ensuring a better sorting effect on a real-time monitoring. The resolution on touch screen is typically 640*480, which is sufficient for a numerical control machine. However,this resolution is not enough for image display on color sorting. For instance, it is not clear for an image with a horizontal resolution of 2048 to be displayed on a screen with resolution 640 .
Full color technology with multiple-parameters setting
Full color sorting requires multiple-parameters setting as sorting material usually has many colors. For example, plastic caps sorting, the raw material has five colors in Chinese market, including red, yellow, green, blue, white. As per clients’ request, sometimes more than one colors need to be selected out simultaneously. In the case, multiple-parameters setting is an ideal way to solve the problem.
Led Lighting Source
Our machines are equipped with LED lighting source, even illumination and ten times longer life span than normal lamps lighting source. In August 2011, 85 years old sorting machine expert and the owner of U.S. Counterpart in sorting business, Lorne S. Libin visited Angelon, and said “many companies announced they had developed LED lighting color sorting machine, but in Angelon I saw the LED lighting machine for the very first time.”
President of Angelon, Mr Fang believes “color sorter is like a robot, color sorting machine helps save manual labor cost, and it has its own eyes and hands”
In the coming future, the sorting machines will not only by color, but also by shape. The application of sorting machines will be getting more and more popular.
Operating engineers with certain knowledge in computer and electronics will replace mass labor in factory.
Angelon will be developing with honored customers for prosperous future. 
Angelon wishes you success in business.