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  Desire        action                   sincere         Frankness
Focus    Professional          Innovation      Creation 
Behaviour Standard:
Desire--Being voluntary and spontaneous, then well exceeds the expectations of other
Action--Success comes from tangible actions rather than luck;Do not indulge in the past, do not have a fancy vision about the future, it is today that do matters most.
Sincere--Love can only be rewarded by love, it never comes from abomination. Sincere needs action rather than words.
Frankness--Do not lie, only the people who trust you can be deceived by you. Frankness is a kind of wisdom.
Business guideline:
Focus--Everyone has limited time, so does a company. Managing your time and resources well to be the top player in a niche market.
Professional--Being focus leads to profession. A shape sword comes from polishing by decade to decade.
Innovation--Pursuing innovation in technology and management; innovation means change, optimization and improvement; innovation is the core competition of an enterprise development.
Creation--From “made in China” to “Created in China”, constantly make progress and achievements; an individual and enterprise finally fight for honor! To show the personal ability for honor!