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Mature mechanical design

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Crawler angelon color key R & D and production of high precision machine, material damage, with a small ratio. A lot of material chute color sorter can choose, but the effect is not ideal, tracked color sorter good effect on the following materials, such as plastic recycled plastic sheet, plastic particles, pet, PE bottle cap, beans, mung beans, red beans, kidney beans, peanuts, tea category black tea, tea, tea, Pu'er tea; frozen vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, dried shrimps, dried small shrimps, fish, pepper, pepper, pepper, garlic, Chinese medicine material class, most of the industrial materials, such as: stone, quartz sand, fused silica, manganese ore and so on.
Angelon has a professional mechanical design team, can according to the needs of different users, different users of the production environment, the special usage of custom design, so that the machine can be in a variety of environments sustained and stable production, to maximize the material sorting accuracy, reduce material breakage rate, improve the output of material sorting.