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Advanced image recognition algorithm

Createdate:2016-01-29   Hits:
Angelon color sorter mainly rely on machine vision to carry on to the material color recognition, through the executive mechanism of material separation.
Machine vision is the use of machines to replace human eyes to measure and judge. Angelon machine vision system by CCD camera will be converted into intake target image signal, transmitted to the dedicated image processing system, was taken the shape information of the target, according to the distribution and pixel brightness, color and other information into digital signal; image system to these signals of various operations to extract target feature and according to the results of the discriminant to control field devices.
The machine vision system can quickly obtain a lot of information of the subject is easy to automatic processing. In some not suitable for manual work in the dangerous work environment or artificial vision to meet the requirements of the occasion, used machine vision to replace artificial vision; also in the process of large quantities of industrial production, with artificial visual inspection of product quality and efficiency is low and the accuracy is not high, with machine vision detection method can greatly improve the production efficiency and automation degree. But the machine vision is easy to realize information integration, is the base of computer integrated manufacturing technology.
Machine vision is one of the most important is that the algorithm, which is the technical advantages of angelon and angelon independent research and development of machine recognition algorithm can realize the precise identification of the target object color, accuracy, low error rate, color reduction degree higher characteristic, and the running speed of the algorithm fast to realization of large quantities of continuous material color recognition.
Angelon unique sorting algorithm can not only of the sorting and identification of various colors, but also the shape of material sorting, and such as black melon seeds, white melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, three eyebrow, is to use the shape selective function realization.