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There is bright sunshine, let you warm bath team, there are vast, fertile soil, let you learn the power of growth. Self liberation, to break out of it, finally, you extended direction is not affected by rules, this is the place where dreams bud flowering. Thoughts and aggressive, we favor your passion. Pursuit of the ideal, we have a harvest scene. We are proud of a new generation of vigor and vitality continuously to join! More diligence respect-work AnJingLong loyalty dedication proud! Whether in AnJingLong early in the process of market development and capital accumulation, or the process of catch up to world advanced enterprises in the future, we rely on talent, need most is talent! We always believe: the first-class talented person is the foundation of the construction of first-class enterprise. Companies adhere to the "technology is the root, innovation is the soul, talent is the" business philosophy, always put the staff as the business enterprise development of this, competition and development. The company has formed the respect people dedicated, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent of the good enterprise culture. We strive to do: career advancement opportunities, to create a good platform and development space for talent; Treatment retention - provide employees with competitive salary, benefits; Cultural advancement opportunities, create a good cultural atmosphere for employees. The company principle of choose and employ persons is: having both ability and political integrity, good for first. The company's standard of choose and employ persons is: physical health, mental health, mental health, business.
Remark: 1. Please fill in resume, especially need to indicate the position and contact information, so that we can contact smoothly to you; 2. The pen, the interview arrangement: the company will resume careful screening, to meet the requirements of a resume, to arrange the written test, interview by telephone, email and other forms 3. Working location: hefei