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1. Monthly salary, bonus and allowance Provide industry competitive pay, year-end bonuses, project bonus, reasonable recommendation, patent award bonuses in the form; Employees overseas travel allowance enjoy; 2. The insurance According to the regulations of the state, for employees to purchase the "five risks". 3. Training growth New staff reporting for about a month after post professional knowledge skills training, after the obtainment of participating in various internal and external professional class/management training. Perfecting training system will provide staff with broad space for development and a large number of self-improvement. 4. Other benefits Accommodation: company a staff canteen, and provide lunch subsidy and free overtime; Holiday: providing double cease, legal holiday, marriage leave and maternity leave, funeral leave, such as the perfect holiday welfare; Doctor, master and senior management personnel, or fighting in a line, production, sales, research and service with their diligent hands, play to their talents, constantly create a united career average worker, management and sales personnel, the common scientific research workers, are equally is indispensable to continuous development, the United States and the excellent talents. We are looking forward to more and more people join AnJingLong, more and more people in AnJingLong realizes own dream!!!!!
Remark: 1. Please fill in resume, especially need to indicate the position and contact information, so that we can contact smoothly to you; 2. The pen, the interview arrangement: the company will resume careful screening, to meet the requirements of a resume, to arrange the written test, interview by telephone, email and other forms 3. Working location: hefei