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Lotus seed Color Sorter

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ProductName:Lotus seed Color Sorter
Product Parameters:
Numberof Ejectors
OptimizedCarryover Rate(Bad:Good)
PowerSupply Voltage
Powerof Main Machine(KW)
Note: The real index is subject to change based on real condition of material (i.e. size,impurityrate), please contact us for more info.
Product Features
1. High-definition CCD Image Sensor         2048 pixel HD full colorCCD is adopted, the definition is up to 0.08mm2, which ensures recognition of subtle color difference and minimal flaws. 2. High-speed data processing, real time display of real image         High-speed parallel data processing chip, real-time high efficiency image capture and processing system of the machine increased working efficiency of color sorter greatly. 3. High Quality Image Processing Algorithm         International advanced image processing technology is applied, which can recognize subtle color difference as small as 0.1mm. Higher color sorting accuracy, lower sorting carryover. 4.Self-adaption Temperature Control        The fan in the machine self-adapt working temperature to ensure the color sorter keep normal working in high-temperature environment. 5.Advanced High-Pressure valve Ejectors        Out standing sorting accuracy make sure to sort out good material and bad material perfectly;high definition and well-designed ejectors; high frequency, high frequency,durable,long service-life. 6.Special PC interface display and Operation Platform        User-friendly operation interface ensures convenient operation and processing.  7.High Quality Material Convey System        Food-grade conveying belt with high quality is applied, which ensures the safety of food material, and decreased damage of food product.  8.Special Lighting System        Special light source is equipped to ensure HD image quality, which makes the machine can meet different kinds of sorting requirements and recognize subtle variation of color.
RealSorting Effect:

Raw Material of Lotus seed
Accepted Material of Lotus seed
Rejected Material of Lotus seed

Raw Material of Lotus seed
Accepted Material of Lotus seed Rejected Material of Lotus seed